Metal Water Bottles

I stay pretty active these days! Between juggling my career, family and work-out routine, I couldn't get by one day without having a full plastic water bottle to keep me hydrated. I also am very conscious of the environment, so I tend to re-use my water bottles. I hate to think that my need to stay hydrated with my plastic water bottles could contribute to our overflowing landfills! I have been buying water in bulk and re-using the plastic water bottle. I had no idea that re-using my water bottles would be such a bad and potentially hazardous idea! I discovered this recently while I was riding my bike with a good friend of mine and she took a look at my 'recycled' water bottle and told me that recently there was an FDA warning about re-using plastic water bottles and it was totally unsafe. She had suggested I switch over to metal water bottles instead.

After a little research I had discovered that metal water bottles are overall better for the environment and my wallet. Rather than buy my water in bulk, I could just use filtered water and refill my metal water bottle, as often as I need to! It is just as convenient, if not more so! My family is very excited about my switch to metal water bottles! I bought one for my husband, my two active teenage boys and of course one for myself! My husband and I both appreciate the money we save on buying our water in bulk! We'll definitely be sticking with the metal water bottles and so should you!

The three major manufacturers of metal water bottles are: