Plastic Alternatives

There are already tons of plastic alternatives out there. Check it out!

Plastic Alternatives

Due to the dangers of plastics to our environment many companies have continued to use plastic alternatives or have started using plastic alternatives in their products. Some companies have created a whole new set of plastic alternative products using natural renewable resources such as hemp, bamboo, and other plant based materials. Others are still using the tried and true plastic alternatives like glass and metal.

Materials Used as Plastic Alternatives

We are constantly finding new materials being used for plastic alternatives and there are plenty that have never changed from the original materials they have used before plastics were even designed. Check back often for updates.

  • Aluminum
  • Bagasse
  • Bamboo
  • Chicken Feathers
  • Glass
  • Grape Waste
  • Hemp
  • Milk Protein
  • Mushroom Root
  • Natural Rubber
  • Palm leaves
  • Plant-based plastics (Bioplastics)
  • Prawn Shells
  • Seaweed
  • Silberboard
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood Pulp (Liquid Wood)