BPA Free Brands

BPA Free Brands

It is becoming apparent that some companies just don’t get it that their customers do not want to purchase products that could contain the harmful chemical BPA. The good thing is, there are plenty of companies that are looking out for you and your family’s health by ensuring that their products do not contain BPA. This list of BPA free brands and companies could get pretty long, so I will try to categorize them all nicely somehow and make it a bit more manageable. The key is that these companies are all creating safe products that do not contain BPA.


Lifefactory creates innovative, non-toxic products that make it easy for everyone to lead a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle. Lifefactory produces glass baby bottles, glass beverage bottles, and teethers that are free of known harmful chemicals including BPA, phthalates, and PVC).

Green Label

Green Label Organic strives to produce the most socially responsible and environmentally sustainable clothing available. Their t-shirts are printed with no plastics. Did you know It takes 1/3 of a pound of herbicides, pesticides and defoliants to produce just 1 conventional cotton T-shirt?

Lucini Italia

Lucini Italia was founded by Renee Frigo and Daniel Graeff on the philosophy that great tasting food comes from only the most cared-for, high-quality ingredients. All of the Lucini Italia recipes are prepared in small batches using 100% natural ingredients. The Lucini Italia family of products includes award-winning extra virgin olive oils, artisan vinegars, gourmet tomato and cheese sauces, savory soups and a special collection of limited production organic items. All of the Lucini products are packaged in BPA free glass jars and containers.

Oregon’s Choice

Oregon’s Choice started using BPA free cans in 2009 to package their lightly salted albacore tuna. According to their FAQ page on their website, their goal is to continue to using BPA free cans in their whole albacore tunna canning operation and to have every product canned in BPA free cans in the next 2 years.

Eden Organic

Eden Organic has 33 different bean and grain products that are packaged in BPA free cans. They started using BPA free cans in their products in 1999, so it is kind of interesting to see other companies just now starting to catch on.

Born Free

Born Free manufacturers BPA free baby feeding systems such as baby bottles, breastfeeding accessories, and teething accessories. Aside from having a full line of BPA free plastic baby bottles, they also offer their bottles in glass. Not only are their baby feeding products BPA free but they are also Phthalates free and PVC free.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is known for their stainless steel water bottles. They make them in several sizes including baby bottle and kids sizes. They made a name for themselves at music festivals passing out their bottles and selling them to the festival goers. They were a hit and now Klean Kanteen is the most well known manufacturer of BPA free stainless steel water bottles.

Poison Bottle Company

The Poison Bottle Company is another stainless steel water bottle manufacturer that has taken a page out of Sigg’s book by coming up with some unique designs for their bottles. They also have apparel and other gear for their bottles that caters to a more edgy crowd, which their name achieves right off the bat I think. It’s unique and they have some great looking designs.

3 Green Moms

3 Green Moms are the makers of LunchSkins, a reusable sandwich bag which saves millions of plastic bags each year from being used. Their reusable food bags come in a snack size, sandwich size, and sub size for larger sandwiches.