Plastic Alternatives

Reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics!

Plastic Recycling

Plastics are in use all around us, especially in the food and packaging industries. Most recycling programs and recycling centers accept at least certain types of plastics. There are 7 different numbers that represent categories of different plastic resin compounds that can be recycled. Below you can find more information about what each number represents, the types of plastics that fit into that category, and types of items that fit into that category for recycling typically. The worst types are 6 and 7, which include styrofoam and possibly a mixture of all of the above other types of plastics, which makes them much harder and expensive to recycle.

Identification #DescriptionTypes of PlasticsUsed In
1PETEPolyethylene TerephthalateFood items like water bottles, cups, and food packaging.
2HDPEHigh density PolyethylenePackaging bottles like detergents, milk, shampoo, and bleach.
3PVCPolyvinyl ChlorideHeavier plastic used for pipes, toys, furniture and packaging.
4LDPELow-density PolyethylenePlastic wrapping, plastic bags, and sandwich bags.
5PPPolypropyleneTextiles, clothing, bottles, tubs, and rope.
6PSPolystyrene (Styrofoam)Cups, food packaging, packing peanuts, and packaging materials.
7OtherAny/All of AboveMixed polymers and not readily recyclable plastics such as polyurethane.