BPA Free Products

Why Use BPA Free Products?

BPA Free Products

BPA is a harmful chemical, so parents and those health conscious should be looking for BPA free alternatives to some of their favorite plastic products. BPA could be leaking into your beverages from your cups, into your cereal from your bowls, and even worse, you could be heating up that bottle in the middle of the night for your baby and releasing the harmful chemical into your own breast milk.

One of the main sets of BPA free products we will be covering will be BPA free baby products. These are the most essential in our book, as the children are our future. If we are giving them harmful chemicals from birth, it isn’t a good start for a great future. There are several types of products that are a must have, so please read more on our BPA free baby products page.

We have noticed the need for getting the word out on other products that don’t contain BPA, as it seems more and more products are being found to contain the harmful chemical. In some cases, the chemical is being found in containers that foods are even being packed in.

Recently BPA has even been found in metal food cans such as soup, which is hard to avoid, unless you just avoid all canned foods. Many companies use a plastic liner in their cans that ends up containing BPA. In some cases, this might be tough, so we will try to find BPA free brands that are pledging to guarantee BPA free canned food and metal food containers. Who doesn’t like a good can of soup?

Keeping everyday products, especially food containers free of harmful chemicals should be a job for the FDA, but they are trying to play some sort of money game, and allow huge corporations to continue to use the product as they have yet to regulate it as a harmful chemical. Other studies suggest otherwise, but money has never been something that leads to truth, justice, and the American way.