BPA Free Water Bottles

Why BPA Free Water Bottles?

BPA Free Water Bottles

Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, is a very harmful chemical that is being debated in the health community as actually being not harmful to humans, but it is a very tense debate. The chemical is actually called Bisphenol A, and is found in many plastics and even some metals that have been recycled and reused for drinking and food containers. The chemical leaches out of these containers into the food or drink that are in them.

Because of this fact, several many companies have started making BPA free metal water bottles in many sizes and types. Some companies are even creating BPA free plastic water bottles made from special copolyester blends that they are guaranteeing they are BPA-free. The new Nalgene water bottle is one of these types, as their plastic water bottle line came under fire over the past few years for testing positive for the chemical BPA. Since then, they have changed their manufacturing materials to the copolyester blend, which they are guaranteeing is BPA-free. There are other companies like New Wave Enviro products that have their own line of copolyester blended plastic bottles.

The other alternatives, which mostly by design are BPA-free, are metal water bottles. Some of these are more effective than others of keeping to their claim, as the Sigg water bottle recently came under fire for having their proprietary resin lining in their aluminum water bottles test positive for BPA in an independent study. They have since changed the blends in their resin, and once again claim they have a BPA-free aluminum water bottle. I guess only time will tell. Aluminum water bottles require a lining of some sort to protect against corrosion, as they will eventually start to corrode after reusing. Most companies bake on some sort of resin on the inside of the bottle to achieve this coating in their manufacturing process, but those resins can also contain BPA as we have seen.

The safest type of reusable water bottle is by far a stainless steel water bottle. These sort of reusable water bottles do not require any sort of special resin lining, as long as they are made of food grade, or surgical grade stainless steel. Klean Kanteen water bottles and some other manufacturers use stainless steel, which gives them an edge over their aluminum and plastic counterparts. There is another type that is used by some manufacturers, which is actually only safe for water, and can corrode over time if you drink acidic beverages out of it. If you are only going to be drinking water out of it, I guess you are safe, as that sort of stainless steel is used in the lining of city water tanks.