Sigg Aluminum vs. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

Sigg Aluminum vs. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

SIGG Metal Water Bottles and Klean Kanteen Metal Water Bottles are the rage at school. And hey, a SIGG or Klean metal water bottle, by any other name and they’d just be a canteen! So, what’s the difference? The kids at my school want to go green in two ways: dollars and earth! Academia or not, times are tough and the earth isn’t going to get any better, if we all don’t do our part to conserve the world’s resources. Bottled water is an enormous waste on so many levels.

The immediate waste starts out with the cost of buying bottled water, be it designer bottled water or water in bulk. The overall cost far outweighs the benefits of just refilling a metal water bottle, quite honestly. The long term cost is close to irreparable, at the rate we are going with over-consumption. But companies are going to keep producing designer water bottles, if we all keep purchasing them. Money talks, and because of the need for the quick fix, we will all eventually pay. So, assuming we all have it straight in our heads that one way we can “go green” is by re-filling our metal water bottles with H20, as opposed to the easier route, then the next thing to do would be to evaluate a great metal water bottle, one that will suit our needs to go green and save some green!

So, my mom gave me a SIGG metal water bottle and my step-mom gave me a Klean metal water bottle. Don’t ask me why, I think they both have some serious competition issues, but either way, I suppose their intentions are good. We’re going to break down all of the options on each of my metal water bottles. You can decide on your own, which is best for you!

SIGG Metal Water Bottle - Day 1 This is the SIGG Metal Water Bottle my mom gave me: SIGG Metal Water Bottle from Mom. Design-wise, it’s pretty sexy to look at. Fortunately, the black and red colors work well for me and are not too loud, for my style needs. I took this bottle on a trek with me on my usual hectic schedule of classes. I started out my day, with a full bottle of fancy, designer tap water from my apartment.

Trouble-free and one re-fill later; I made it through two classes with my SIGG metal water bottle. I refilled at a water fountain during a break from one of my longer classes (Don’t ask me why, I took the statistics class twice a week, as opposed to three.) I accidentally dropped my metal water bottle next to this hot girl and she handed it to me with a smile. I am really digging having any excuse to make eye contact and exchange a couple words with a hot girl. Kudos to my durable SIGG metal water bottle and my clumsiness, I gave her my phone number.

Study group at lunch, discussing binary codes in the millennium, I brought my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, along with, you guessed it, my SIGG metal water bottle. I thought by now, maybe my water would taste metal-ly, but nope. My water tasted like water, as to be expected. I stayed hydrated throughout my group study, and as to be expected, the rest of the day.

Hot girl, who picked up my SIGG metal water bottle called me, so I had to give my metal water experiment a break. But as it stands, so far so good, honestly, I am thinking the convenience factor with my metal water bottle is a bonus, I’m sticking with either way.

Klean Kanteen Metal Water Bottle - Day 2 My step-mom gave me the Klean Kanteen metal water bottle, check out the design: 27 ounce blue Klean Kanteen metal water bottle. Looks-wise, Klean Kanteen sports a sleek design, as well. The bottle fits well in the side pocket of my backpack and I had no issues with leakage. This time I put ice cubes in the metal water bottle. I could hear the ice cubes clanking around and that was a little distracting, but easily resolved with my iPod, when I was making my long trek across campus.

Today was a bit of an exhausting day, as I had classes spread out from 8am until 6pm. I need to have a reliable metal water bottle ready to re-hydrate and be re-filled with water! I attended a lecture with a guest speaker from Princeton, I didn’t need any distractions, so I made sure to have plenty of water in my Klean Kanteen Metal Water Bottle. The lecture was long, drawn-out, interesting and at times boring, but so worthwhile! I had a few questions during the open Q and A portion, so fortunately I didn’t run out of water. The Klean Kanteen metal water bottle was sleek enough, where it didn’t take up a lot of space, which was perfect at the lecture because it was jam-packed full of students and other professors! I was conveniently able to get a drink of water and quietly put the bottle back when I no longer needed it.

I didn’t have any run-ins that day with any of the campus hotties, but fortunately attended a stellar lecture without any unnecessary difficulties.

SIGG Metal Water Bottle or Klean Kanteen Metal Water Bottle Well, my two day metal water bottle trial left me with one conclusion: I’m a lucky devil to have both! Of course, when I visit one set of parents, I’ll have my SIGG metal water bottle and when I visit the other set, I’ll have my Klean Kanteen metal water bottle. I win, both ways. If I’m luckier, I’ll meet another hottie!

-By Josh Reed