A curated list of companies that do not use BPA in their canning processes.

BPA Free Canned Food

You wouldn’t think that a harmful chemical like Bisphenol A would be found in food packaging containers, but you would be surprised. I have seen plenty of items packed in #7 plastics and have started to collect them. You can read more about that on my brands using harmful plastics in food packaging page which I will have online soon.

The more alarming trend right now is that BPA is being found in many canned foods because of the plastic liners that companies use to seal the metal cans from the food. Because of this I have started to compile a list of trusted brands that are selling BPA free canned foods. Some of these companies are charging a little bit more for their products because of the higher quality cans, but others are absorbing the cost for their customers.

BPA Free Canned Food Brands and Companies

Eden Organic - According to their website, Eden Organic started switching over all 33 of it’s beans, grains, and chiles to BPA free canning in 1999. Their canned tomatoes are still using the BPA liners as their acidity is too much for the metal. They will have to switch to glass jars. They have started putting BPA Free logos on their labels so keep your eyes out for the logo.

Vital Choice - After a 2009 study by Consumers Union found traces of BPA in their Tuna, Vital Choice now cans all of it’s MSC-certified salmon, sardines, mackerel, and albacore tuna in BPA free cans. It looks like they leared their lesson the hard way, but are making quality products now.

Oregon’s Choice - After having a successful catch in 2009 and canning it’s MSC-certified albacore tuna in BPA free cans, Oregon’s Choice says it will continue to switch over the rest of it’s canned fish to BPA free cans. It looks like they will be up against a similar situation with their crab and shrimp canning like Eden Orgainic is having with their Tomatoes, as they add lemon juice to keep the nice color. It seems BPA free linings erode faster to the acidity.

Wild Planet - Producers of skipjack tuna and albacore tuna, Wild Planet has started using BPA free packaging for the 5oz containers for both products. While there is no label on their packaging that says BPA free, they claim that they catch smaller fish to reduce the amount of Mercury in the fish. If both are true this is a pretty good catch for Tuna.

Eco Fish - As their name implies, Eco Fish products evironmentally friendly seafood. Their packaged brand is called Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood. They are most known for their salmon burgers and fish sticks, but they also can their albacore tuna in BPA free cans. They plan on making the swtich for their canned salmon soon.

Trader Joes - Although they don’t say it on their website anywhere, Trader Joes sells most of it’s canned foods in BPA free cans. Their customer relations deptartment revealed to TreeHugger.com that all of their canned corn, canned beans, canned fish, canned poultry, and canned beef are all packaged in BPA free cans. There are some products that are not canned in BPA free cans. They are products such as soups and chillis.

Native Forest and Nature Factor - The Edward & Son’s company has over a dozen products in BPA free cans. While none of their products are labeled BPA free, they offer 14 different products in BPA free packaging.

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